ProxFusion® Range

Our latest range of multi-sensors combined on a single IC.

Controller Description Package Capacitive
SAR Hall-Effect Inductive Interface Status Price 1K
IQS269A Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at mobile applications QFN16/WLCSP16 I2C NRFND TBA
IQS318 Single channel standalone and I2C proximity or touch sensing controller. I2C Production TBA
IQS320 2 Channel proximity sensing/ single channel proximity sensing with reference tracking controller with Movement and SNR Boost User Interfaces. WLCSP11, DFN12 I2C, Standalone Production TBA
IQS323 3 Channel Capacitive, Inductive/ Slider/ SAR DFN12/WLCSP11 I2C Production TBA
IQS620A 2 Channel, Hall/Inductive Multifunctional Sensor WLCSP9 I2C Production TBA
IQS624 2 Channel, Hall/Rotation Multifunctional Sensor DFN10 I2C Production TBA
IQS7210A Trackpad/Touchscreen controller, Gestures & Inductive/Capacitive button input QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Production
IQS7221E/G On-Axis Hall Rotation Sensor QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Production TBA
IQS7222A 8 Channel Self-Cap / 9 Channel Mutual / 4 Inductive / Hall Switch QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Sample TBA
IQS7222B 8 Channel Self-Cap / 18 Channel Mutual QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Production TBA
IQS7222C 8 Channel Self-Cap / 10 Channel Mutual / 4 Inductive / 4 Self with Wear Detection QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Production TBA
IQS7222D 14 Channel Mutual Sensor, Swipe Gestures QFN20 I2C Production TBA
IQS7222E 8 Channel Self-Cap / 8 Channel Mutual / Hall Switch QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Sample TBA
IQS7223C 4 Channel Mutual / Self Capacitive, Proximity & Wear Sensing QFN20/WLCSP18 I2C Production TBA
IQS7225A 6 Channel Mutual / Self Capacitive / Inductive Sensor, Rotational Encoders QFN20 I2C Production TBA
IQS9320 20 Channel inductive sensor for multi-level key switches with TriggerMax™ technology QFN52 I2C Production TBA