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Hall-rotation mouse wheel solutions.

The IQS7221E ProxFusion® IC is a sensor fusion device for rotation and angle sensing applications designed for on-axis orientation. A ProxFusion® channel is included for integrated UI applications. Two dedicated Quadrature outputs make the product a drop-in replacement for mechanical and optical rotary encoders. The IQS7221E includes a virtual freewheel UI for more intuitive scrolling.


Multi-level and waterproof keyboard keys.

The IQS9320 ProxFusion® IC is a flexible multi-channel inductive sensing device that supports a high number of channels per device, adjustable trigger points, analog data streaming, and high report rates. The trigger-level UI allows for adjustable trigger point sensitivity resulting in a better user experience with best-in-class sensitivity and power consumption. TriggerMax™ allows for dynamic trigger point adjustment on the fly.

IQS9150 ProxSense®

Generic and configurable trackpad.

Suitable for numerous design variations and requirements. The IQS9150 has multitouch high-performance (linearity, accuracy, low-noise) trackpad outputs, integrated snap button options, and an on-chip gesture recognition engine.


Inductive sensing button, slider and wheel sensor.

The IQS7225A ProxFusion® IC is a sensor fusion device that is mainly aimed at inductive sensing applications that require relative rotational inductive sensing and/or multiple inductive buttons. The device also has capacitive sensing capabilities that can be used to complement the inductive sensing applications, e.g. a capacitive wakeup channel. The sensor is fully I2C compatible and on-chip calculations enable the IC to respond effectively even in its lowest power modes.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Our Product Applications

Explore endless possibilities with our product applications.

From keyboard and mouse wheel solutions to rotation and beyond, discover how our products can enhance your experience across various domains. Explore our applications today and unlock new dimensions of performance, connectivity, and convenience.

Keyboard Solutions

Proximity triggered backlighting, sliders, wheels and multi-make point waterproof keys.

Mouse Wheel Solutions

Our mouse wheel solutions offer reliability, precision, and an improved user experience with haptics and virtual freewheeling.


ProxSense® Modules Solutions

Azoteq offers standard modules available at reduced lead-time and low MOQ. Popular gestures are calculated on-chip.


Rotation Solutions

We can design contactless and waterproof user interfaces
by detecting the rotation of a magnet.

Capacitive Sensing.

Various patents around capacitive sensing yields the most reliable and sensitive solution. Integrated proximity detection allows for wake-from-sleep or backlight triggers on all interfaces, from buttons, sliders and wheel, to touchpads. Auto calibration eases design complexity and ensures the user interface remains calibrated for life.

Inductive Sensing.

A very robust sensing technology is miniaturised by Azoteq, optimised as user interface. Buttons, sliders, wheels and pressure sensitive user interfaces are all served by Azoteq’s inductive sensing. With no contact required between electronics and moving parts, the technology is perfect for all waterproof user interfaces. No magnets required and up to 20 inputs detected from a single IC. Even multi-level waterproof user interfaces are enabled through Azoteq’s inductive sensing.

Hall effect sensing.

Hall-effect switches and Hall-effect rotation sensing solutions with on-chip signal processing yields easy to design solutions, negating the need for complex signal processing on external hosts. A single device will report the absolute angle and custom user interfaces allows for drop in replacements for optical encoders. Options exists for integrated haptic driver on the Hall sensing IC.


Azoteq is a pioneer in multi-sensor single IC solutions. Capacitive, inductive, Hall effect sensing and others can all be integrated onto a single device, saving board space, power consumption and BOM cost.

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