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Azoteq offers more than twenty years’ experience in sensing solutions to help you upgrade your headphones.

Touch Interface

Design up to sixteen capacitive touch buttons using a single IC.

Azoteq’s sensors detect through wood, perspex, textiles and metal to create a seamless, waterproof interface.

Azoteq Touch Interface


Custom designed rigid and flexible trackpads with proximity, touch and on-chip gesture recognition. Azoteq offers turn-key designed modules along with manufacturing and testing services.

Trackpad with Buttons

Combination of snap dome keys and trackpad in the same real-estate using Azoteq’s patented technology.

Mechanical or Capacitive Dial

Design a mechanical magnetic knob or a 360 degree trackpad without any moving parts to adjust volume.

Rotation Mute

Detect whether the microphone is in use to automatically mute or enable sound.


Wear Detect

Detect whether headset is in use to automatically play or pause sound and save power.

Touch Mute

Touch microphone to mute or enable voice commands.

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