We have novel solutions to improve productivity and the user experience

Azoteq offers more than twenty years’ experience in sensing solutions. Our mouse wheel solutions offer reliability, precision and an improved user experience.

One wheel to rule them all.

At Azoteq, we are passionate about revolutionizing how people interact with technology. Our state-of-the-art solution for mouse wheels is a testament to that passion

Hall Sensing

The Hall encoder enables high precision & reliability whilst optional haptics offers an adjustable ratchet sensation.

The only solution with integrated Hall and Capacitive* sensing.

Improved User Experience

Using a single IC, the wheel behavior can be infinitely adjusted during run-time.

Freewheeling for all Tiers

Our sensor IC offers integrated virtual freewheeling without expensive mechanical components.

One wheel, infinite characteristics

The wheel’s characteristics and performance can be changed dynamically*.

One mechanical design, infinite customisation.


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