Azoteq Inductive Sensing

A standard key is adapted, allowing the press to be sensed remotely from a coil on the PCB.

One key to rule them all.

Long travel key switch solutions.

At Azoteq, we’re committed to redefining how users interact with technology. Our cutting-edge inductive keyboard technology is a testament to that commitment. With its context-sensitive behavior, regardless of mechanical key design, we’re transforming the user experience game.

Low profile key switch solutions.

We’ve tackled the ultimate reliability challenge. Our technology for key switches defies convention: without the need for electrical contact, reliability becomes almost infinite. Waterproofing becomes effortless and with multiple trigger points, our keyboard is engineered to set a new standard in dependability.

Adjustable Trigger Levels

Our sensor offers 10 or more trigger levels from the same key, all adjustable during run-time.

Profile Customization on the Fly

The keyboard can behave in a context sensitive manner; different key characteristic for different applications.

Contactless means reliability. Contactless means waterproof key switches.

Our contactless sensing solves the most common failure of electro-mechanical switches.

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