The IQS318 ProxFusion® IC is a standalone and I2C sensing device for single channel proximity or touch sensing requirements. The sensor is configurable via external input pins and on-chip calculations enable the IC to respond effectively in various use cases.

Main Features

  • Multiple user interface options: Single channel I2C / standalone inductive switch (with long term activation: IQS318-0xx) • Single channel I2C / standalone inductive button / single level trigger (IQS318-1xx) • Single channel I2C / standalone inductive snap button (IQS318-2xx) • Single channel I2C / standalone self-capacitive switch (with long term activation: IQS318-5xx)
  • 1 (self) / 2 (inductive) external sensor pad connection
  • Built-in basic functions: • Automatic tuning • Noise filtering • Debounce & hysteresis
  • Built-in signal processing options: • Single I2C touch/proximity output • Single standalone touch output
  • Design simplicity
  • Configurable channel sensitivity, sample period, threshold, and charge transfer frequency using external input pins
  • One-time programmable settings for custom IC configuration (MOQs apply)
  • I2C debugging interface with IRQ/RDY(up to fast plus -1MHz)
  • Supply voltage 1.71V to 3.5V
  • Package options
  • WLCSP11 (1.48 x 1.08 x 0.345 mm) - interleaved 0.35mm x 0.35mm ball pitch
  •  DFN12 (3 x 3 x 0.75 mm) - 0.5mm pitch
  • QFN20 (3 x 3 x 0.55 mm) - 0.4mm pitch RoHS2 Compliant WLCSP11, DFN12 & QFN20 packages Representation only


  • General-use button/switch
  • Wear detection
  • Backlight activation
  • Tamper switch (release detection)
  • Snap button
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  • 1 x Inductive Switch Module (IQS318-001)
  • 1 x Inductive Key Module (IQS318-101)
  • 1 x Inductive Button Module (IQS318-201)
  • 1 x Capacitive Switch Module (IQS318-511)
  • 1 x CT210A
  • 1 x Ribbon Cable

Connect the plugins to your computer via CT210/A to evaluate functions with our GUI software.

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