The IQS269A ProxFusion® IC is an 8-channel self/mutual-capacitive proximity and touch controller with best in class sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and power consumption. In addition, the device offers mixed sensing abilities such as Hall-effect and inductive sensing.  Other features include automatic tuning and differential offset compensation for sense electrodes.


  • Highly flexible 8-channel ProxFusion® controller
  • Each channel can be configured with connections to up to 8 external connections OR one internal option
  • 8 external sensor pad connections:
    • Self/Mutual-Capacitive sensors
    • Self/Mutual-Inductive sensors
    • Dedicated reference sensor mode for environmental / mechanically sensitive designs
  • Internal sensor option:
    • Hall sensor
  • Serial scanning (Single ProxFusion® engine) – up to 8 time-slots
  • Built-in basic functions:
    • Automatic tuning
    • Noise filtering
    • Differential measurements (reference channels)
    • Debounce & hysteresis
    • Dual direction trigger indication
  • Built-in user-interface options
    • Slider (up to 8 elements each) with co-ordinate output, flick/swipe/tap detection
    • Up to two sliders may be defined
    • Integrated measurement set for capacitance calculation
  • Wide Range of Capacitance Detection, Wide Electrode Range of 0 to 200 pF
  • Multiple custom signal level event triggers (e.g. proximity, deep proximity, touch, deep touch)
  • Capacitive resolution: down to 0.02fF
  • Automatic reference channel UIs for temperature and mechanical effects. Assign a reference channel to any single or group of sensing channels
  • Options for reduced RF emissions for integration in RF sensitive environments (wide range of charge transfer frequency options)
  • I2C Interface with IRQ (RDY) line
  • Event mode (including reduced interrupt options: blocking & hysteresis)
  • Assign a touch flag state of any channel to a dedicated GPIO (default: active low, open drain)
  • Dedicated address selection pin
  • Special pre-programmed options:
    • Standalone operation on power-up (low-power single button touch)
    • Active high output (push-pull)
    • Timed long-press output (pulse after 5 second touch)
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V (-2%) to 3.6V
  • Package options: DFN16 (3 x 3 x 0.8mm), WLCSP-16 (1.65 x 1.65 x 0.5mm)


  • SAR compliance in mobile devices
  • Wear detection
  • Multi-slider & button designs
  • Low power wake-up buttons / proximity
  • HALL dock detection
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