The IQS269A ProxFusion® IC is an 8-channel self/mutual-capacitive proximity and touch controller with best in class sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and power consumption. In addition, the device offers mixed sensing abilities such as Hall-effect and inductive sensing.  Other features include automatic tuning and differential offset compensation for sense electrodes.


  • Highly flexible 8-channel ProxFusion® controller
  • Each channel can be configured with connections to up to 8 external connections OR one internal option
  • 8 external sensor pad connections:
    • Self/Mutual-Capacitive sensors
    • Self/Mutual-Inductive sensors
    • Dedicated reference sensor mode for environmental / mechanically sensitive designs
  • Internal sensor option:
    • Hall sensor
  • Serial scanning (Single ProxFusion® engine) – up to 8 time-slots
  • Built-in basic functions:
    • Automatic tuning
    • Noise filtering
    • Differential measurements (reference channels)
    • Debounce & hysteresis
    • Dual direction trigger indication
  • Built-in user-interface options
    • Slider (up to 8 elements each) with co-ordinate output, flick/swipe/tap detection
    • Up to two sliders may be defined
    • Integrated measurement set for capacitance calculation
  • Wide Range of Capacitance Detection, Wide Electrode Range of 0 to 200 pF
  • Multiple custom signal level event triggers (e.g. proximity, deep proximity, touch, deep touch)
  • Capacitive resolution: down to 0.02fF
  • Automatic reference channel UIs for temperature and mechanical effects. Assign a reference channel to any single or group of sensing channels
  • Options for reduced RF emissions for integration in RF sensitive environments (wide range of charge transfer frequency options)
  • I2C Interface with IRQ (RDY) line
  • Event mode (including reduced interrupt options: blocking & hysteresis)
  • Assign a touch flag state of any channel to a dedicated GPIO (default: active low, open drain)
  • Dedicated address selection pin
  • Special pre-programmed options:
    • Standalone operation on power-up (low-power single button touch)
    • Active high output (push-pull)
    • Timed long-press output (pulse after 5 second touch)
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V (-2%) to 3.6V
  • Package options: QFN16 (3 x 3 x 0.8mm), WLCSP-16 (1.65 x 1.65 x 0.5mm)


  • True Wireless Stereo
  • SAR compliance in mobile devices
  • Wear detection
  • Multi-slider & button designs
  • Low power wake-up buttons / proximity
  • HALL dock detection
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Unfortunately, this product is now NRFND.

Includes 1x IQS269A Shield board, 1x Two Button Board and 1x Eight Button Board
Plug Shield board and Button Board into Arduino Uno/ST Nucleo and/or into PC via CT210/A to evaluate capacitive functions with GUI software.

NOTE: Arduino Uno/ST Nucleo not included. CT210A not included.

Unfortunately, this product is now NRFND.

The IQS269EV05 is an evaluation module aimed at security type applications, specifically door and window sensors. The kit features integrated tamper detection as well as auxiliary information from the other on-board sensors.

Azoteq provides software used for the serial streaming of data to a computer utilising the Azoteq USB-dongles. Each IC has its own dedicated software and is intended for prototyping purposes and can be found on the Azoteq website under Software and Tools.

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