Our sensor can be used to design waterproof buttons, sliders, knobs or force sensors.

We use inductive technology to determine

the distance, position or rotation

of a metal object.

This method allows us to

seal off any electronics

inside the product housing, while detecting the movement of the metal object outside the housing.

It is as cool
as it sounds

the specs

IQS7222A IQS7222C IQS7225
Waterproof button/Force sensor 4 Buttons 4 Buttons 6 Buttons
Relative rotational knob 1 Knob
Waterproof Slider 2 Sliders 2 Sliders
Self capacitive buttons 8 Buttons 8 Buttons 6 Buttons
Projected capacitive buttons 10 Buttons 10 Buttons 6 Buttons
Low-power wake-up Yes Yes Yes

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