The IQS323 ProxFusion® IC is a 3 Channel Self-Capacitive / 3 Channel Mutual-Capacitive / 2 Channel Inductive sensing controller with Touch and Proximity user interfaces. The device features an I2C communications interface, low power options, wear detection, metal detection and a slider with on-chip gesture calculations.

Main Features

  • Highly flexible ProxFusion® device
  •  3 external sensor pad connections
  • Configure multiple channels on external pins (Self/Mutual/Inductive).
  • External sensor options:
    • 3 self capacitive buttons
    • Up to 2 wear detection pairs (with shared physical reference)
    • 3 mutual capacitive touch/proximity sensors
    • 2 inductive mode sensors
  • Built-in basic functions:
    • Automatic tuning
    • Noise filtering
    • Differential measurements (reference channels)
    • Debounce & Hysteresis
    • Dual direction trigger indication
    • Halt Mode
  • Built-in Signal processing options:
    • Touch/Prox output
    • Slider output
    • Gesture output
    • Reference User Interface
    • Release User Interface
  • Design simplicity
    • PC Software for debugging & optimal setup for performance
  • Automated system power modes for optimal response vs consumption
    • Distributed ultra low power (ULP) mode
  • I2C communication interface with IRQ/RDY(up to fast plus - 1MHz)
  • Event and streaming modes
  • Supply Voltage 1.8V(-5%)to 3.5V
  • Package options
    • WLCSP11 (1.48 x 1.08 x 0.345 mm) - interleaved 0.35mm x 0.35mm ball pitch
    • DFN12 (3 x 3 x 0.75 mm) - 0.5mm pitch


  • TWS earphones
  • Waterproof Buttons (Inductive)
  • Watches and fitness bands
  • Wear Detection
  • Low power Wake-up Buttons / Proximity
  • SAR Safety Sensor
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Includes: 1 x Touch Slider module, 1 x Touch Buttons module, 1 x L Sensing module, 10 x IQS323 IC’s, 1 x CT210A
1 x Ribbon Cable, 1 x Piece of Perspex with conductive tape and 1 x Complimentary USB memory stick.

NOTE: USB memory stick not included in all Kits

Azoteq provides software used for the serial streaming of data to a computer utilising the Azoteq USB-dongles. Each IC has its own dedicated software and is intended for prototyping purposes and can be found on the Azoteq website under Software and Tools.

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