The IQS7222D ProxFusion® IC is a multi-sensor, multi-channel device mainly aimed at single finger trackpad applications. The device features I2C compatibility and on-chip computations that allow for an effective response even in the lowest power modes.

Main Features

  • Highly flexible ProxFusion® device
  • 9x external sensor pad connections (QFN20)
  • Configure up to 14 channels using the external connections
  • External sensor options:
    • Up to 8x self capacitive sensors
    • Up to 14x mutual capacitive sensors
    • Up to 4x inductive sensors
  • Built-in basic functions:
    • Independent channel automatic tuning
    • Noise filtering
    • Debounce & Hysteresis
    • Dual direction trigger indication
  • Built-in Signal processing options:
    • Single finger gesture recognition:
      • Swipes (up, down, left, right)
      • Adjustable swipe length, angle and time duration
      • Taps (single taps)
      • Adjustable tap size and time duration
      • Flick
    • Trackpad:
      • XY coordinate slider output
      • Dynamic XY coordinate filtering
      • XY coordinate calibration
  • Design simplicity
  • PC Software for debugging and obtaining optimal settings and performance
  • Auto-run from programmed settings for simplified integration
  • Automated system power modes for optimal response vs consumption
  • I2C communication interface with IRQ/RDY(up to fast plus -1MHz)
  • Event and streaming modes
  • Customizable user interface due to programmable memory
  • Supply Voltage 1.8V to 3.5V
  • Small packages
    • QFN20 (3 x 3 x 0.5 mm) - 0.4 mm pitch


  • Wearables
  • Waterproof inductive buttons
  • Navigation controls
  • Low power wake-up / proximity sensor
  • Office equipment, toys, sanitary ware
  • Replacement for electromechanical switches and keypads
  • White goods and appliances
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  • 1x IQS7222D stamp

Embed into custom design and interface to host MCU to evaluate capacitive functions.

NOTE: Arduino Uno/ST Nucleo not included. CT210/A sold separately.

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