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Controller Description Package Channels Interface Price 1K
IQS228 1 Channel Touch, Proximity & DYCAL TSOT23-6/ WLCSP-8/ DFN-6 1 Direct TBA
IQS227 1 Channel Touch & Proximity TSOT23-6/ WLCSP-8/ DFN-6 1 Direct TBA
IQS211B 1 Channel Low Power Touch & Proximity TSOT23-6/ DFN-6 1 Direct TBA
IQS525 25 Channel (Trackpad Controller) QFN(4x4)-28 25 I2C TBA
IQS572 72 Channel (Trackpad Controller) QFN(4x4)-28 72 I2C TBA
IQS550 150 Channel (Trackpad Controller) QFN(7x7)-48 150 I2C TBA
IQS620A 2 Channel, Hall/Inductive Multifunctional Sensor WLCSP9 I2C TBA
IQS624 2 Channel, Hall/Rotation Multifunctional Sensor DFN10 I2C TBA
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