The IQS572 is a projected capacitive touch and proximity trackpad/touchscreen controller implementation on the IQS5XX platform. The IQS572 features best in class sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and automatic tuning of electrodes. Low power proximity detection allows extreme low power operation. The IQS572-BL contains a bootloader to enable loading of the B000 firmware. IQS572-A000 devices can be upgraded to the IQS572-B000 firmware via the bootloader. The IQS572-B000 is a firmware upgrade from the IQS572-A000.



  • Proximity, touch and snap on each channel
  • Multi-touch support up to 5 fingers
  • Single and multi-finger gestures
  • 2048 x 1792 max resolution
  • 9 x 8 rows and columns
  • Scale, orientation and electrode layout selection
  • I2C communications interface
  • ATI: automatic tuning for optimum sensitivity
  • Event and streaming modes
  • Internal voltage regulator and reference capacitor
  • On-chip noise detection and suppression
  • 1 Finger gestures
    • Forward swipe - Next
    • Backward swipe - Previous
    • Upward swipe - Volume Increase
    • Downward swipe - Volume Decrease
    • Tap - Play/Pause
    • Press and hold
  • 2 Finger gestures
    • Pinch & Zoom
    • 2 Finger scroll
    • 2 Finger pan
    • 2 Finger tap
  • 3 Active and 2 low power modes
  • Proximity and pin wake up from low power
  • Supply Voltage 1.65V to 3.6V
  • Proximity low power operation (<10uA)


  • Compact Capacitive Keyboards
  • Remote Control Trackpads
  • Appliances
  • Navigation devices
  • Kiosks and POS terminals
  • E-readers
  • Consumer electronics
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Includes 1x IQS572 Shield board. Plug Shield board into Arduino Uno/ST Nucleo to evaluate trackpad performance and outputs. Alternatively, connect with CT210/A directly to PC GUI.

 NOTE: Arduino Uno/ST Nucleo not included. CT210/A sold separately.

Iqs572 Ev02 Azoteq Product Evaluation Kits

Azoteq provides software used for the serial streaming of data to a computer utilising the Azoteq USB-dongles. Each IC has its own dedicated software and is intended for prototyping purposes and can be found on the Azoteq website under Software and Tools.

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