The IQS7211E ProxFusion® IC is a capacitive touch and proximity trackpad/touchscreen controller implementation. The IQS7211E features best in class sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and automatic tuning of electrodes. Low power proximity detection allows extreme low power operation.

Main Features

  • Highly flexible ProxFusion® device
  • 13 (QFN20) / 11 (WLCSP18) external sensor pad connections
  • Self-/Mutual-capacitive sensors configuration for display wake-up
  • ULP wake-up on touch
    • Dedicated Ultra Low Power wake-up touch sensor or
    • Wake-up on screen/trackpad
  • Sensor flexibility
    • Automatic sensor tuning for optimum sensitivity
    • Internal voltage regulator
    • Reference capacitor
    • On-chip noise filtering
    • Detection debounce and hysteresis
    • Wide range of capacitance detection
  • Trackpad/Touchscreen
    • Up to 2 fingers tracking
    • High resolution coordinate outputs
    • Fast response: Coordinate report rate up to 100Hz
    • Individual sensor touch
    • Integrated touch size output (area and strength) for touch integrity
    • Single finger gesture recognition engine
    • Electrode mapping for optimal PCB layout\
    • Configurable coordinate resolution and orientation
    • Compatible with wide range of overlay materials and thicknesses
    • Compatible with multiple 1-and 2-layer sensor patterns
    • Adjustable sensing frequency offset for limiting potential display interference
    • No calibration required - systems automatically compensated for mechanical & temperature changes
    • Water immunity features
  • Design and manufacturing support
    • Touch pattern layout drawing
    • Full FPC layout package (example & customised)
    • Test guide for touch pattern
    • RFI immunity design support
  • Design simplicity
    • PC Software for debugging and obtaining optimal performance
    • One-time settings programming (during MP) or pre-programmed devices
    • Auto-run from programmed settings for simplified integration
    • No production line calibration required
  • Display cover lens thickness
    • Minimum thickness: 0.5mm
    • Maximum thickness: 2-4mm depending on design parameters
  • Minimize display noise
    • Advanced DSP for touch performance
    • Display and charger interference avoidance
    • Auto adjusting digital filters
  • Supports different display touch panel types
    • On-cell
    • Add-on touch panel
  • Supporting up to 2.5" panels
  • Screen resolution
    • 256 per channel
    • Example: 2048x768 (9x4 channels), 1536x1280 (7x6 channels)
  • Automated system power modes for optimal response vs consumption
  • I2C communication interface with IRQ/RDY(up to fast plus -1MHz)
  • Event and streaming modes
  • Customisable user interface due to programmable memory
  • Supply voltage
    • 1.8V(-5%) to 3.5V @ 14MHz
    • Minimum 2.2V @ 18MHz
  • Small packages
    • WLCSP18 (1.62x 1.62x0.5 mm) - interleaved 0.4mm x 0.6mm ball pitch
    • QFN20 (3 x 3 x 0.5 mm) - 0.4mm pitch


  • Single tap
  • Double tap
  • Triple tap
  • Press-and-hold
  • Swipe X+ (with continuous swipe configurable)
  • Swipe X- (with continuous swipe configurable)
  • Swipe Y+ (with continuous swipe configurable)
  • Swipe Y- (with continuous swipe configurable)
  • Swipe and hold X+
  • Swipe and hold X-
  • Swipe and hold Y+
  • Swipe and hold Y-
  • Palm (Flat hand)


  • Fitness bands
  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds
  • Game controller touch pads
  • Headphones
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