Azoteq's ProxSense® offers the most sensitive and robust capacitive proximity and touch technology. ProxSense® controllers can sense capacitive changes as small as 100 atto Farads with a signal-to-ratio of 1000:1.

Capacitive, Inductive, Hall-effect, IR and Ambient light sensors, combined into single package, small BOM, IC solutions. A world first in the high level of integration and low power consumption.

Azoteq offers a wealth of resources to let designers research, select, evaluate and design with Azoteq products. Azoteq offers datasheets, application notes, references design, low cost evaluation kits and software to shorten your design cycle.

What's New

2018-08-26 Azoteq Announces Successful Certification to ISO9001:2015

2018-09-14 Azoteq ProxSense® / ProxFusion® Field Application Engineer Position

2018-06-01 Azoteq announces signing of new Global Distribution Agreement with Future Electronics

2018-05-15 Azoteq announces the release to market of the IQS680 IC, a multifunctional PIR, capacitive and inductive sensor

2018-05-15 Azoteq's Module Making Capabilities

2018-03-01 Azoteq announces the release to market of the IQS621 IC with multi-functional ALS, capacitive, Hall-effect & inductive sensor

2018-01-29 Seltech expands its office network to further support Azoteq globally

2017-12-15 Azoteq announces the IQS266, a miniature trackpad designed for single-layer ITO aplications

2017-08-03 Azoteq announces the IQS620: a capacitive, inductive and Hall-effect combination sensor, optimized for consumer electronics

2017-07-07 Azoteq Line of Touch Control Products Available for Immediate Shipment Globally from Digi-Key

2017-05-09 Azoteq adds new representative

2017-04-21 Increased leadtime on IQS family of products

2017-03-06 Azoteq announces the IQS624, the world's first Hall rotation sensor optimized for consumer electronics

2017-03-06 Azoteq adds two new representatives

2016-07-10 Azoteq is the touch interface for Xiaomi's latest Mi Band 2

2015-10-07 Azoteq Announces the IQS5XX-B000 family of Trackpad and Touchscreen controllers

2015-09-30 Azoteq announces the ProxSense® Round, Elliptical and Rectangular Trackpad Modules