What's New

2015-10-07 Azoteq Announces the IQS5XX-B000 family of Trackpad and Touchscreen controllers

2015-09-30 Azoteq announces the ProxSense® Round, Elliptical and Rectangular Trackpad Modules

2015-08-26 Azoteq announces the IQS231, the most advanced Capacitive Controller for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Applications
Azoteq’s IQS231 offers Human Proximity, Touch and Movement Detection

2015-04-24 Azoteq Adds Staffco-Campisano as Representative
Azoteq now represented in OH, IN, MI, WV, KY, Western PA

2015-01-13 Azoteq Adds EMA Sales as Representative
Azoteq now represented in 7 Southeastern states

2014-10-02 The IQS211 Capacitive Controller with Proximity, Touch and Movement Detection Announced by Azoteq
Azoteq’s IQS211 is a capacitive controller with movement detect in a small, low-cost SOT23 package

2014-07-28 Azoteq Adds SEMPOST to Expanding Distribution Network
SEMPOST now offers a full distribution service along with design and FAE support for Azoteq products in Korea

2014-05-21 Azoteq Announces the IQS263, a Three Channel Capacitive Controller for SAR, Sliders, Scroll Wheels and Buttons
Azoteq’s IQS263 is the first device to offer multi-functionality in a small, low cost MSOP10 package

2014-02-20 Azoteq Announces the IQS360 Capacitive Touch Controller for Keypads and Trackpads
Azoteq’s IQS360 offers a low cost capacitive touch solution for 12-key keypads and small trackpads

2014-01-23 Azoteq Announces the IQS333 Capacitive Touch Controller with Two Scroll Wheels or Sliders
Azoteq’s IQS333 is the first capacitive touch controller with precision 11-bit scroll wheels or sliders and 8-channel PWM LED driver