Enhanced PIR Sensing

The IQS62x ProxFusion® IC’s can be configured as a multi-functional Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) sensor. This configuration can be used for applications such as energy efficient occupancy detection and other applications by means of movement detection.

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Further integrated features of the ProxFusion® IC’s include capacitive proximity/touch sensing, inductive sensing, ambient light measurement, temperature and Hall-effect sensing. These features can be combined with the PIR sensors for energy efficient lighting, room occupation & security applications.

Typical uses:

Room occupancy detection
Lighting applications
Alarm systems
Smart Home systems
Movement detection
Under Cabinet Lighting (UCL)
Battery powered PIR sensor solutions

Advantages over conventional PIR sensing circuitry:

Raw data output for smart DSP algorithm
Adjustable sensitivity (gain) via I2C
Less components required
Smaller PCB and less PCB layers required
Multiple features (PIR/tamper detection/magnetic switch/ALS) on one IC
Two PIR elements measured by one IC
Low power consumption – IQS62x current less than 6uA (fs-10Hz)
Less MCU processing required
Smart tamper detection
SNR: 38dB

IQS62x PIR Nano Shield EVKIT

Includes 1x PIR Nano Shield
Arduino Nano Shield can be connected via a CT210A USB dongle1 to PC GUI for evaluation of: Nano Shield

  • PIR sensing (Movement sensing)
  • Capacitive sensing
  • Inductive sensing
  • Sample coil/touchpad supplied
  • Ambient Light Sensing (Only for IQS621)
  • Hall-effect sensing

NOTE: CT210/A sold separately.

Contact your Azoteq sales representative or [email protected] for a kit.

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