Posted by Jacob Hannusch | 26 May 2020

Jeff Labundy is a technology enthusiast from Austin, Texas with a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering. In 2019, Labundy concluded the development of a Linux device driver for the IQS5xx series, which has been accepted into the official Linux kernel distribution. The device will enjoy native touchscreen support for the Linux/Android platforms.

Since Labundy’s development of the IQS5xx-series Linux drivers, his development of the ProxFusion® family (IQS620A/IQS621/IQS622/IQS624/IQS625) of Linux drivers has also been officially accepted into the Linux kernel. Here is an example of how the various sensors can be leveraged in an Android environment. Labundy also developed a tool to integrate the output of any of the five ProxFusion® GUIs into an embedded Linux system. The header files exported by the GUIs cannot be included in the Linux kernel source tree directly, therefore this tool converts them into a readable format that the kernel can consume at runtime.

Currently, Jeff is awaiting official approval from the Linux kernel for the IQS269A Linux driver that he has been developing. A more detailed view of his work within this driver and how it enables IQS269A in Android and other embedded Linux drivers can be found here.

About Jeff Labundy

Labundy is based in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife and son. He holds a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and recently made a job transition from Cirrus Logic to Amazon. All the Linux drivers discussed above were developed in his free time to further improve and learn from the Linux system. He also has other hobbies and projects that can be found on his website.

The rapidly growing IoT world almost exclusively utilizes Linux-based controllers. Jeff’s drivers will allow developers and designers to quickly enable these Azoteq ICs into their Linux-based environments.