Technology Overview

Azoteq’s PowerSense division focuses on the development, design and production of mains driven LED lighting products. Products are based on Azoteq’s proprietary Crystal Driver solid state switches combined with Azoteq’s sensors to offer cost effective smart lighting solutions.

Your Lighting Source

Floodlights 400x400 Azoteq Powersense
Downlights 400x400 Azoteq Powersense
Linear Lights 400x400 Azoteq Powersense
Tracklights 400
Tube Lights 400x400 Azoteq Powersense
Bulbs 400x400 Azoteq Powersense
High Bay Lights
Panel Lights

Smart Lighting System

Azoteq provides a wireless connectivity system designed to control lighting deployments with daylight harvesting and motion sensing capabilities. The system can scale from small buildings to large warehouses.

Recent Projects

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