The IQS128 ProxSense® IC is a fully integrated capacitive sensor with Dynamic Calibration technology to compensate for sensor drift.


  • DYCAL Intelligent Hysteresis
  • Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI)
  • Internal Capacitor Implementation (ICI)
  • Supply voltage: 2.95V to 5.5V
  • Minimal external components
  • Data streaming option
  • Advanced on-chip digital signal processing
  • Ultra Low Power (15uA)
  • Time-out for stuck key
  • Proximity and Touch Button sensitivity
  • 6 pin TSOT23-6
  • Touch: 6mm plastic, 10mm glass
  • Proximity: 15cm


  • SAR (p-sensor) sensor for tablets, laptops and mobile phones
  • LCD, Plasma & LED TVs
    • Proximity enabled back lighting
  • Mobile Phones on-ear detection
  • Wake up from standby detection / touch keys
  • White goods and appliances
  • Office equipment, toys
  • Hermetically sealed human interface devices
  • Replacement for electro-mechanical switches
  • Find-In-The-Dark (FITD) applications
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Includes 3x IQS128 Stamp modules.
Embed into custom design and interface to host MCU to evaluate user proximity and touch functions.

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