The IQS550-A000 is a projected capacitive touch and proximity trackpad/touchscreen controller implementation on the IQS550 platform. The IQS550 features best in class sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and automatic tuning of electrodes. Low power proximity detection allows extreme low power operation.

Datasheet: Download

Status: Production

Features: Applications
  • Touch Screen Support
    • Patented ProxSense® acquisition technology
    • 15 x 10 nodes
    • Projected capacitive technology
    • Multi touch
    • Up to 100Hz report rate
    • Single point hover support
    • Proximity wakeup
  • Operating Power Supply: 1.65V – 3.6V
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Fast I2C 400kHz
  • Low power features 
    • Halt
    • Active Halt with wake-up from Touch 
    • Active Halt with wake-up from Proximity
  • QPFN48-7x7


  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet PC
  • All-in-One PC Office equipment
  • Navigation Devices
  • Kiosks

Application Notes: