ProxSense® provides proximity & touch sensor controllers for a wide range of applications. The simplest and easiest to use are the single channel controllers for proximity and touch sensing. Applications include find-in-the-dark and on/off switches for lights, appliances, office equipment and many more.

The multi-channel surface capacitance family allows sensing of 2 to 16 channels and the multi-channel projected family from 2 to 8 channels. These devices can be used for switches, keypads, sliders and scroll wheels. Applications include TVs, kitchen appliances, office equipment, industrial controls and medical equipment.

The family of trackpad and touch screen controller range from a cost effective 3x4 sensor all the way to a 15x10 channel solution. All trackpad sensors include native support for Azoteq’s snap technology. The trackpad sensors are suitable for remote controls, PC peripheral or any UI requiring gestures, snaps, pointer control; or a combination of the aforementioned. The IQS5xx family supports all popular multi finger gestures natively.



ProxFusion™ is the world’s first, highly integrated multi-sensor-on-chip family of sensor solutions. The ProxFusion™ family offers Capacitive, Inductive, Hall-effect, IR and Ambient light sensors. The ProxFusion™ family combines the aforementioned sensors into single package, small BOM, IC solutions. The single package, multi-sensor approach ensures:

  • Smaller BOM
  • Lower cost
  • Lower power consumption
  • Higher reliability
  • Less overhead on the host MCU

ProxFusion™ is a disruptive technology offering sensors solutions to the consumer electronics industry and price and power consumption levels never before achieved.



LightSense™ is a family of intelligent LED switch controllers for applications such as LED flashlights and headlamps that replaces electro-mechanical switches. LightSense™ is only offered as custom ASICs to large volume customers.



PowerSense™ solutions include driver IC’s, modules and fully assembled lights based around Azoteq’s high voltage LED driver.

  • High Voltage Sequential Driver IC
  • Drives LED’s directly from rectified mains voltage
  • Significant reduction in design complexity
  • Reduction in component count
  • Integrated temperature protection
  • Higher reliability enabling the Lamp for Life™ campaign


Contact Azoteq for more information about the multi-sensor-on-chip family or about capacitive proximity switches, download a datasheet, or request an evaluation kit today.