The IQS624 ProxFusion® IC is a multifunctional capacitance, inductance and Hall-effect sensor designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required. The two Hall-effect sensors calculate the angle of a magnet rotating parallel with the sensor. The sensor is fully I2C compatible and on-chip calculations enable the IC to stream the current angle of the magnet without extra calculations. The inductive sensing is suitable for the detection of metallic objects while capacitive sensing provides human touch and proximity detection.

  • Hall Effect Sensor:MouserNoMin
    • On-chip Hall plates
    • 360° Output
    • 1° Resolution, calculated on chip
    • Detect movement and the direction of movement
    • Relative rotation angle
    • Raw data: can be used to calculate degrees on external processor
    • Wide operational range
    • No external components required


  • Partial auto calibration:ARMmbedPartner contextual blue
    • Continuous auto-calibration, compensation for wear or small displacements of the sensor or magnet
    • Flexible gain control
    • Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI) – performance enhancement (10bit)


  • Capacitive sensing:
    • Full auto-tuning with adjustable sensitivity
    • 2pF to 200pF external capacitive load capability
    • Proximity / Touch
    • Proximity wake-up
    • Event mode
    • Wake Hall sensing on proximity


  • Inductive sensing:DK Electronics
    • Only external sense coil required (PCB trace)


  • Low power consumption:
    • 240uA (100Hz response, Hall)
    • 55uA (100Hz response, capacitive)
    • 65uA (20Hz response, Hall)
    • 15uA (20Hz response, capacitive)
    • 5uA (5Hz response, capacitive)


  • Minimal external components
  • Standard I2C interface
  • Optional RDY indication for event mode operation
  • Supply voltage: 2V to 3.6V1



  • Anemometer
  • Dial or Selector knob
  • Mouse wheel
  • Measuring wheel
  • Digital angle gauge
  • Speedometer for bicycle 


Product Selection Guide:

Options IQS624-30x-DNR2
IQS624-320x-DNR IQS624-50x-DNR1
Voltage 2V - 3.6V 2V - 3.6V 2.4V - 5.5V
Software version 1 2 1
Interval UI No Yes No
Advanced Degree Filtering No Yes No
Advanced Wheel Wake-up No Yes No
Hall Plate Calibration No Yes No
I2C Configuration No Yes No
Startup ATI Bug Fix No Yes No
Extra Event Options No Yes No


Applications Notes:



5V Built on special request

2 Not recommended for new designs