ProxFusion® Multi Sensor IC's

ProxFusion® is the world’s first, highly integrated multi-sensor-on-chip family of sensor solutions. MouserNoMin DK Electronics  Future H CMYK LGSeltech logo 2017

Controller Description Package Capacitive
SAR Hall-Effect Inductive Active IR ALS PIR Interface Status Price 1K
Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at mobile applications DFN10/ WLCSP9       I2C Prod TBA
Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at the white goods market UOLG 9-pin       I2C Prod TBA
Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at smartphones DMA 9-pin     I2C Eng TBA
Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at rotation sensing DFN10         I2C Prod $0.761
Multifunctional Sensor - Aimed at lighting applications DFN10         I2C Eng TBA


Enhanced Method for PIR sensing with ProxFusion®

Controller Description Package
Multifunctional PIR controller/amplifier with capacitive, inductive, temperature, ALS and Hall-effect sensing DFN10/WLCSP9/UOLG9/DMA9


NRFND- Not Recommended For New Designs

EOL - End Of Life Products


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