IQS624/5 Eval Kit 4

The IQS624 and IQS625 ProxFusion® IC’s are multifunctional capacitive, inductive and Hall effect sensors designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required. The Hall effect sensors calculate the angle of a magnet rotating parallel or perpendicular with the IC, creating a contactless 360° rotation sensor. The IQS624 and IQS625 are ultra-low power Hall effect rotation sensors. These sensors are fully I2C compatible and on-chip iqs625 ev04calculations enable the IC’s to stream the current angle/interval of the magnet without extra calculations.


EV-Kit Overview

  • Both the IQS624 and IQS625 are available for evaluation 
  • Hall-effect rotation sensing
    • Wheel and magnet included
  • Capacitive sensing
    • Touch and Proximity embedded
  • Azoteq CT210A Dongle for data straming to a real-time GUI

Evaluation Modes

  • Connect to PC GUI via CT210 or DS100 USB Dongle (included in the EV04 Kit)
    • Raw info displayed in GUI
  • Plug into Arduino Uno1 or ST Nucleo1
    • Sensor info displayed on 7-segment
    • Open source code for custom development
  • Realign wheel select option with slide switch to ensure magnet is positioned over IQS624 or IQS625 when evaluating performance.


  • Mouse wheel
  • Thermostat
  • Anemometer
  • Dial or Selector knob
  • Measuring wheel
  • Gaming steering wheel
  • Digital angle gauge
  • Tablet/laptop hinge
  • Speedometer for bicycle

Arduino Software: Download

IQS625 GUI Software: Download

IQS624 GUI Software: Download

GUI User Guide: Download

IQS625 Datasheet: Download

IQS624 Datasheet: Download

EVKit Overview: Download

ProxFusion® Pin-out Guide: Download 


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