IQS266 Eval Kit 2

The IQS266 ProxSense® IC is a 2x3 projected capacitive trackpad designed for low power mobile applications. This trackpad is perfect to implement on a single ITO touch screen for wearables. A self-capacitive channel is used for wake-up channel which keeps the power consumption in low-power less than 5uA. Other features include automatic tuning for sense electrodes, internal reference capacitor and internal regulator to reduce total system cost.


EV-Kit Overview

  • Trackpad Arduino shield with OLED display
  • FPC trackpad PCB

Evaluation Modes

  • PC Data streaming mode (needs the CT210(A))
    • Connect either FPC trackpad or Arduino shield board via CT210A1 to computer.
    • All data streaming from the trackpad is displayed in the GUI
  •  Standalone mode (needs Arduino Uno (purchases separately))
    • Gestures displayed on OLED screen
    • Prox indicated by 4 LEDS
    • Open source code for custom development


  • Wearables
  • Remote controls
  • Navigational controls
  • IoT devices with small user interfaces
  • White goods and appliances
  • Office equipment & printers
  • Toys

Datasheet: Download

Demo Software: Download

Arduino source code: Download

Video: View


1 Note: It is suggested to purchase the CT210x configuration tool (not included in this kit). 

This dongle allows rapid evaluation of the kit by interfacing with the free GUI of the IC. 


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