The IQS550-B000 is a complete trackpad solution including on-chip gesture recognition, flexible device setup and leading sensitivity management and adjustment. The IQS550EV02 uses a 13x9 diamond sensor pattern to detect user proximity and touch, identify finger position co-ordinates, and generate gesture outputs based on the finger interaction. With effective on-chip co-ordinate filtering, and advanced processing algorithms, the IQS550 provides reliable and stable multi-touch outputs. The sensor reports these outputs via standard I2C protocol to the master and is also fully configurable and programmable via this interface. The kit is intended to easily evaluate the IQS550 sensor IC by customers intending to do their own design, but it is also a mounted unit of Azoteq's standard TPS65 module, supplied in this case with an overlay material, mounting plate and break-out connector to the CT210/A. It is recommended to purchase the CT210/A or other suitable USB dongle with this kit.

  IQS550EV02 bottomIQS550EV02 top

 EV-Kit Overview

  • Capacitive sensing trackpad
    • High performance trackpad-module
    • Uniform diamond sensor pattern
    • Black Mylar overlay
    • Pre-configured plug-and-play module
    • Multi-touch coordinate and gesture outputs
    • Resolution configurable up to 3072 x 2048
    • Trackpad size 65mm x 49mm

Evaluation Modes

  • Connect to PC GUI via CT210/DS100 USB dongle1
    • Graphical visualisation of sensor performance and outputs
    • Adjust on-chip parameters and re-program according to custom requirements

 Links for the IQS550EV02:

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1 Note:  It is suggested to purchase the CT210x configuration tool (not included in this kit). 
This dongle allows rapid evaluation of the kit by interfacing to the free GUI of the IC