The IQS572-B000 is a complete trackpad solution including on-chip gesture recognition, flexible device setup and leading sensitivity management and adjustment. The IQS572EV02 uses an 8x8 diamond sensor pattern to detect user proximity and touch, identify finger position co-ordinates, and generate gesture outputs based on the finger interaction. With effective on-chip co-ordinate filtering, and advanced processing algorithms, the IQS572 provides reliable and stable multi-touch outputs. The sensor reports these outputs via standard I2C protocol to the master (in this case the Arduino), and is also fully configurable and programmable via this interface.



EV-Kit Overview

  • Capacitive sensing trackpad
    • Uniform diamond sensor pattern
    • 2mm plexiglass overlay
    • Pre-configured plug-and-play module

Evaluation Modes

  • Connect to PC GUI via CT210 USB dongle1
    • Graphical visualisation of sensor performance and outputs
  • Shield plug-in for Arduino Uno2
    • Sensor outputs presented on serial terminal in Arduino environment
    • Open source code for custom development
  • Hardware compatible with ST Nucleo


Links for the IQS572EV02:

  • Datasheet: View
  • IQS572EV02 Arduino source code: IQS572EV02 Example Code
  • For more information on the IQS572-B000 trackpad product range on which the IQS572EV02 is based: View

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1 Note:  It is suggested to purchase the CT210x configuration tool (not included in this kit). 
This dongle allows rapid evaluation of the kit by interfacing to the free GUI of the IC.
2 Sold separately