IQS624 Eval Kit 1

The IQS624 ProxFusion® IC is a multifunctional capacitance and Hall-effect controller designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required. The two Hall-effect sensors calculate the angle of a magnet rotating parallel with the sensor. The sensor is fully I2C compatible and on-chip calculations enable the IC to stream the current angle of the magnet without extra calculations.


EV-Kit Overview

  • Hall-effect sensing
  • Capacitive sensing

Evaluation Modes

  • EV01 contains 3 x Modules
  • Embed the small module PCB (stamp) into custom design & interface to host MCU


  • Anemometer
  • Dial or Selector knob
  • Mouse wheel
  • Measuring wheel
  • Digital angle gauge
  • Speedometer for bicycle
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Demo Software: Download

Datasheet: Download

IQS624 Datasheet: Download

Video: View

ProxFusion® Pin-out Guide: Download

IQS624 v2 stamp


Product Selection Guide:

Options IQS624-30x-DNR2
Voltage 2V - 3.6V 2V - 3.6V
Software version 1 2
Interval UI No Yes
Advanced Degree Filtering No Yes
Advanced Wheel Wake-up No Yes
Hall Plate Calibration No Yes
I2C Configuration No Yes
Startup ATI Bug Fix No Yes
Extra Event Options No Yes


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