IQS622 Eval Kit 1

The IQS622 ProxFusion® IC is a multifunctional ambient light sensing (ALS), active IR, capacitance & Hall-effect sensor designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required. The IQS622 is an ultra-low power solution designed for short or long term activations through any of the sensing channels. The IQS622 is fully I2C compatible and can be configured to operate on an event mode basis to wake-up on dedicated sensors.



EV-Kit Overview

  • Hall-effect sensing
  • Capacitive sensing
  • Ambient light sensing (ALS)
  • Active IR proximity sensor

Evaluation Modes

  • EV01 contains 3 x Modules
  • Embed the small module PCB (stamp) into custom design & interface to host MCU
  • Plug into IQS622EV02 Shield board (sold separately)


  • Laptops, Notebooks, Mobile phones, Tablets
  • On-ear detection
  • Screen brightness adjust
  • Keyboard backlight adjust
  • Smart cover detection and orientation
  • SAR
  • Touch volumes controls

Datasheet: Download

ProxFusion® Pin-out Guide: Download

iqs622ev01 iqs622ev01 iqs622ev01
Detachable Stamp Module x 3