IQS620A Eval Kit 2

The IQS620A ProxFusion® IC is a multifunctional capacitance, Hall-effect & inductance sensor designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required. The IQS620A is an ultra-low power solution designed for short or long term activations through any of the sensing channels. The IQS620A is fully I2C compatible and can be configured to output main trigger events on GPIOs.

iqs620 iqs620

EV-Kit Overview

  • Inductive sensing
  • Hall-effect sensing
  • Capacitive sensing

Evaluation Modes

  • Connect to PC GUI via CT210 USB Dongle1
    • Raw info displayed in GUI
  • Plug into Arduino Uno1 or ST Nucleo1
    • Sensor info displayed on 7-segment
    • Open source code for custom development
  • Embed the small module PCB (stamp) into custom design & interface to host MCU (Additional modules sold separately as IQS620AEV01)


  • Mobile electronics (phones/tablets)
  • SAR safety requirements for laptops, tablets and phones
  • Wearable devices
  • White goods and appliances
  • Human Interface Devices
  • Proximity activated backlighting
  • Applications with long-term activation
  • Aftermarket automotive2

Demo Software: Download

ProxFusion® Pin-out Guide: Download

Detachable Stamp Module

1 Note: It is suggested to purchase the CT210x configuration tool (not included in this kit).

This dongle allows rapid evaluation of the kit by interfacing with the free GUI of the IC. 

2 The parts are not automotive qualified


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