IQS316 Evaluation Kit 2


IQS316EV02 Evaluation Kit Features:

  • Modular design: Connect the controller to one of two supplied keypads, or wire into a prototype for rapid prototyping.
  • Reference design for IQS316 with user proximity & touch detection ability
  • User friendly GUI interface indicate proximity AND contact to the buttons
  • Can be used in SPI or I2C data streaming mode
  • 16 Touch Key keypad with proximity detection
  • 8 Touch Key keypad with proximity detection and 8 backlight LEDs
  • Connection points to the active shield pin and the Zero Cross detection pin
  • Download the IQS316EV02 User Guide

IQS316EV02 Kit includes:

  • 1 x Controller PCB with IQS316 (QFN-32)
  • 1x Module PCB (8 – Key Keypad, with individual key proximity and touch LEDs)
  • 1x Module PCB (16 – Key Keypad, with two LEDs indicating proximity and touch

Note: It is suggested to purchase the CT210x configuration tool (not included in this kit). This dongle allows rapid evaluation of the kit by interfacing with the free GUI of the IC.


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