Published articles

Article Author Date Link
Electrode design in capacitive touch sensor applications Dr. Cheok Thng 2012 EDN
Prolonged detection with capacitive proximity sensors Riaan du Toit 2013
Design and optimize electrodes for projected capacitive sensors
Dr. Cheok Thng 2014 EDN
Capacitive sensing in battery-powered devices
Riaan du Toit 2014 EDN
ESD guidelines for touch-sensing applications
Melville Visser 2014 EDN
Design capacitive touch systems for robustness and manufacturability Jean Viljoen 2011 Embedded
A standards-based approach to capacitive-sensor EMC problems J.D. van Wyk, M. Visser, and D.B. Rademeyer 2012 Embedded
Using proximity sensing to meet mobile device FCC SAR regulations Riaan du Toit 2012 Embedded
How capacitive sensing can reduce standby power in household appliances Gerrit de Villiers 2012 Embedded
The many uses of an intelligent capacitive swipe-switch N.J. de Jager and G. Avenant 2012 Embedded
Designing touch electrodes for non-uniform surfaces: discrete keys Alwyn Botha 2013 Embedded
Designing sense electrodes for non-uniform and curved 3D touchpad surfaces Johnathan Loy 2014 Embedded

a b csar sensor, sar psensor, specific absorption rate, sar iqs128, sar iqs229, sar iqs263
Specific Absorption Rate, SAR, Sensor, Psensor
cific absorption rate, sar iqs128, sar iqs229, sar iqs263