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Azoteq announces the ProxSense® Round, Elliptical and Rectangular Trackpad Modules 

Sept 30, 2015 - Azoteq, the world leader in capacitive proximity and touch solutions, today announced the release to market of eight ready to use trackpad modules. The trackpad modules come in a range of shapes and sizes to enable rapid integration into existing or new products. The round and elliptical trackpads are aimed at Bluetooth headset applications. Swipe and tap gestures are used for volume up/down, forward, rewind and play/pause. The square and rectangular trackpads are aimed at remote control, home automation and PC applications. View the ProxSense® Trackpad video.


The trackpad family offers the best in class performance with scan rates from 100Hz to 220Hz and a resolution of 1792 x 1792. The modules are optimized for battery applications with operation from 1.65v to 3.6V and a standby current of 40uA. The hibernation mode on the I2C module consumes less than 1uA.

The I/O interface modules require no software and can interface directly to popular Bluetooth audio devices. These modules have 2 straps to set active high or active low outputs and select the thickness of the overlay. The I2C interface modules enable full control by the host to configure resolution, orientation and power modes. The module can track X/Y coordinates for up to 5 fingers.  In I2C mode, additional two finger gestures such as pinch & zoom and two finger scroll and pan are available.

“Round and elliptical trackpads are very challenging to design and by offering a fully tested high performance module, Azoteq enables small, medium and large customers to add a trackpad with minimal design effort”, said Jean Viljoen, VP of Marketing.

Module Shape Size X mm Size Y mm Interface Price 1K
TPR40-P101 Round 40 40 I/O $2.29
TPR48-P101 Round 48 48 I/O $2.49
TPR54-P101 Round 54 54 I/O $2.67
TPE48-P101 Elliptical 38 48 I/O $2.36
TPE60-P101 Elliptical 46 60 I/O $2.63
TPS48-P101 Rectangular 48 38 I/O $2.37
TPS43-P101 Square 43 40 I2C $2.59
TPS65-P101 Rectangular 65 49 I2C $3.26


  • Complete trackpad module
  • 1792 x 1792 resolution
  • 170Hz min scan rate for gesture recognition
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Active high or low output
  • 5 Gesture Output pins for Audio Adjustment
    • Forward swipe - Next
    • Backward swipe - Previous
    • Upward swipe - Volume Increase
    • Downward swipe - Volume Decrease
    • Tap - Play/Pause
  • Additional I2C mode gestures
    • Pinch & Zoom
    • 2 Finger scroll
    • 2 Finger pan
  • Proximity wake up from low power
  • Low Power, suitable for battery applications
  • Supply voltage: 1.65V to 3.6V


  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Remote controls
  • Home automation controls
  • Keyboards with trackpads
  • Instrumentation

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the modules start at $2.29 for the TPR40-P101 in quantities of 1K.

Samples and production volume are available from Mouser Electronics.




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