Products: Proximity & Touch Sensor Controllers 


ProxSense® provides proximity & touch sensor controllers for a wide range of applications. The simplest and easiest to use are the single channel controllers for proximity and touch sensing. Applications include find-in-the-dark and on/off switches for lights, appliances, office equipment and many more.

The multi-channel surface capacitance family allows sensing of 2 to 16 channels and the multi-channel projected family from 2 to 8 channels. These devices can be used for switches, keypads, sliders and scroll wheels. Applications include TVs, kitchen appliances, office equipment, industrial controls and medical equipment.

The surface capacitance touch screen family only requires 4 connections and therefor 4 channels to implement a touch screen. The touch screen controllers offers a cost effective direct replacement for resistive touch screens but with the added advantages of capacitive touch and proximity.



LightSense™is a family of intelligent LED switch controllers for applications such as LED flashlights and headlamps that replaces electro-mechanical switches.

LightSense™is only offered as custom ASICs to large volume customers.

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