Technology: Capacitive Sensors & Sensing

Azoteq offers over 20 products for surface and projected capacitive sensors. The controllers are suitable for capacitive proximity and touch sensing, non-ITO LCD touch screen displays, single layer ITO touch screens, 3D touch screens and metal touch panels.

The Azoteq ProxSense® family of capacitive sensors are the most sensitive and robust proximity and touch controllers available today.

ProxSense® unique technical features:

  • 1000 x more sensitive than competition (allows proximity)
  • Ultra low power consumption (down to 3µA)
  • RF Immunity
  • Water Immunity
  • RF noise detection
  • Auto Antenna Tuning
  • AC Noise filtering
  • Driven Shield
  • On-chip regulator
  • Integration of external components
  • Lowest system cost

Azoteq has more than 39 patents issued and pending on capacitive sensors technology and the proximity and touch user interfaces.

Azoteq’s LightSense™ product range of intelligent switches, offers a sophisticated and cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical switches. Applications include flashlights, headlamps, child lights, automotive interior lights, seat warmers and battery-operated toothbrushes.

LightSense™ is widely used by the leading manufacturers of flashlights and headlamps.

Advanced Features:

    • Automatic switch-off (time-based)
    • Brightness selection
    • Strobe functions
    • Continuous find-in-the-dark
    • Battery Power Meter
    • Constant Illumination
    • Temperature control
    • Customizable user interface
    • Modes: High, Medium and Low Power, Fast Flash, Slow Flash and SOS

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