The IQS316 is a 16 channel self capacitive touch and proximity controller with advanced on-chip signal processing features, including Auto Tuning  (ATI). Proximity detection can be distributed over all keys, or only selected keys, providing high flexibility for stable operation in varying designs. The controller is based on patented capacitive sensing technology that yields stability with high sensitivity and excellent noise immunity. This controller can operate with a small number of external components to provide a low cost solution for medium to high channel count applications.

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  • 16 Touch Keys with distributed Proximity Sensing
  • Internal Capacitor Implementation (ICI). No external reference capacitors required
  • Class leading proximity sensitivity with dedicated Prox Mode charging scheme
  • User selectable gain through Antenna Tuning Implementation (ATI)
  • All channels individually configurable for maximum design flexibility
  • Advanced on-chip signal processing
  • User selectable I2C and SPI communication
  • High sensitivity
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Supply voltage 2.85V-5.5V
  • Low power modes (45uA)
  • Active shield options
  • RF detection
  • Available in QFN(5x5)-32 package
  • 8 General Purpose I/O’s


  • Office machines
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Digital cameras
  • White goods and appliances
  • Keypads
  • Kiosk and POS Terminals
  • High-end kitchen appliances
  • Menu activation on proximity
  • Personal Media Players

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