The IQS229 ProxSense® IC is a self-capacitance controller designed for applications that are required to meet SAR regulations. The IQS229 can also be used to detect a long term presence as a movement detector. The IQS229 operates standalone and can be configured via digital inputs.

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Features Applications
Azoteq movement detection technology Displays and human interface devices
Designed for SAR test specification compliance Proximity enabled backlighting
Automatic Tuning (ATI) Mobile devices
Internal Capacitor Implementation (ICI) GUI trigger on proximity detection
Supply voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V On ear activation
External strap options for quick configuration SAR compliance
Streaming data option Wearable device usage detection
Advanced on-chip digital signal processing Wake up from standby detection
Ultra Low Power (30uA) LED flashlights
Robust UI for long term stability White goods and appliances
Separate activation and movement outputs Office equipment, toys
3x3mm DFN10 package Replacement for electromechanical switches
Detection distance of more than 25mm Find-In-The-Dark (FITD) applications


Application Notes: 

AZD004 AZD008 AZD013 AZD014 AZD015 AZD073 AZD080  

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