The IQS360 ProxSense® IC is a 12-channel mutual capacitive touch and proximity controller with market leading sensitivity and automatic tuning. The IQS360 provides a cost effective implementation in a small outline package for trackpads up to 4 rows and 3 columns

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  • 12 Mutual Channel Capacitive Controller
  • Trackpad with on chip XY coordinate calculation
  • Configurable up to 4x3 elements
  • 768 x 512 resolution
  • Up to 50Hz report rate
  • Absolute and Relative Tracking Data
  • 1MHz or 2MHz Charge Transfer Frequency
  • Advanced on-chip digital signal processing
  • Automatic Tuning (ATI)
  • User selectable Proximity and Touch thresholds
  • Long proximity range
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Fast I2C Interface
  • Event mode or Streaming modes
  • 8 PWM LED/ GPIOs drivers (5mA source/10mA sink) (IQS360 only)
  • Low Power, suitable for battery applications
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V


  • Trackpads
  • Remote Controls & Smart Remotes
  • Electronic Keypads or Pin pads

Application Notes: