The IQS266 ProxSense® IC is a 2x3 projected capacitive trackpad designed for low power mobile applications. This trackpad is perfect to implement on a single sided ITO touch screen for wearables. A self-capacitive channel is used for wake-up which keeps the power consumption in low-power less than 5 uA. Other features include automatic tuning for sense electrodes, internal reference capacitor and internal regulator to reduce total system cost.

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IQS266 Eval Kit 2

Status: Production

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  • Capacitive sensing:
    • Parasitic capacitive load cancellation
    • Fully adjustable sensing options
    • Self capacitive prox channel (CH0)
    • 2x3 Projected capacitive trackpad (CH1-6)


  • Zoom and Low power options for minimal power consumption


  • Multiple integrated UI options:
    • Proximity/Touch
    • Proximity wake-up from low power using distributed proximity channel
    • Gesture recognition:
      • Swipes: Up, down, left, right (segment indication for left & right swipes)
      • Adjustable swipe length and time limitations
      • Taps: Single taps with segment indication
      • Adjustable tap size and time limitation



  • Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI
  • Minimal external components
  • Fast I2C interface
  • RDY indication for event mode operation
  • Event or Streaming mode
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V to 3.3V
  • Small package size: QFN(3x3) - 16


  • Wearables
  • Navigational controls
  • White goods and apliances
  • Office equipment, toys sanitary ware
  • Proximity detection that enables backlighting activation (Patented)
  • Wake-up from standby applications
  • Replacement for electromechanical switches and keypads
  • GUI trigger and GUI control proximity detection
  • Electronic Keypads or Pin pads

Application Notes:

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