IQ Switch LED Lighting

Controller IC

The IQS88x is an Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP) and sensor hub for LED light bulbs. The IQS88X contains a microcontroller with an on-board EEPROM. The flexible digital core of the IQS88x contains advanced algorithms to drive LEDs and monitor sensor interfaces.


  • User interface
  • Toggle switch dimming
  • Intelligent dimmer
  • Dimmer detection
  • Lumen maintenance
  • Over temperature control
  • Communication interface supporting PLC and TB implementation via powerful command set
  • Sensors hub (ALS integrated with support for other sensors via AUX Input (E.g. PIR))
  • Controls the dimming (power level) of the LED through digital dimming
  • Color temperature control

Basic Command set overview:

  • Single or group addressable commands. Allow Scenes to be setup and controlled.
  • Control commands
  • Set Level (%, MIN,MAX, Memory)
  • Set Color temperature
  • Monitor/Maintenance commands
  • Read Sensor data (ALS, auxiliary inputs (E.g. PIR))
  • Read Usage data (Hours ON, # ON/OFF cycles)
  • Read Power consumption
  • Read IC Temperature
  • Read Level

Power IC
The Azoteq power IC (IQS805) is a 120VAC/230VAC sequential LED driver that can be used in conjunction with the controller IC or as a stand-alone LED driver.


  • Controls the 5 LED branches switched in/out depending on the mains voltage
  • A valley fill circuit to reduce the flicker percentage to approximately 20-30% to comply with energy star specifications
  • Regulates the LED current based on the PWM signal from the controller IC
  • Dimmer compatibility – provides the holding current to ensure that TRIAC dimmer stays in conduction
  • Integrated PLC and TB power line interface circuitry to reduce BOM